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    Mosquito-Repelling Bracelets are mosquito controlling products to repel mosquitos with a 100% natural aroma. This product is a creative and band shaped product, which prevents mosquito from approaching by wearing it on the wrist or ankle, where the item emits an aroma that the insect can’t stand. As it is small in design and easy to carry, it is usable at anytime, thus it is considered a very convenient product.

    Plus, it is a safe product, which can be used even by infants, in other worlds, all age groups can use it because it is made of non-toxic substances, Citronella, and is DEET FREE. Great for hiking, camping, sunbathing, biking, sports, hunting, fishing and more!

    Product information:
    Fed up with mosquito bites? That can be a thing of the past thanks to these Mosquito Repellent Bracelet.
    Contains no DEET and 100% natural Citronella oil.
    Non-toxic and is safe to use by the entire family.
    Designed to be effective for up to 240 hours, the wristband produces a vapor shield that repels insects several feet away.
    The wristband is adjustable and can also be looped around your ankle or belt.
    Best for any outdoor or indoor activity.
    Size per bracelet: 25cm(L) x 1.8cm(W)
    Weight per bracelet: 6g

    Note: Please do not throw away the original packaging bag. When the bracelet is not in use, simply store it in the original packaging bag and zip to enjoy maximum usage.

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